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Repair Options

Repair Options

Bicycles may be checked in on an a'lacarte basis or with our Standard Tune Package. Additional services may be added on to our Standard Tune Up package from our Repair Pricing List below. Our mechanics offer professional service with over 20 years of experience in the industry.

Standard Tune Up: $60.00

Service includes:

  • Brake adjustment
  • Shifter and derailleur adjustment
  • Wheel inspection - wheel truing is additional fee. 
  • Tire pressure adjustment
  • Lube cable and housing for brakes and derailleur
  • Security and function check/fix for all accessories, i.e. computer, water bottle cages

Shop supply and additional labor charges may apply.

Individual Service Prices & Add-On's

All repairs are subject to a $20 dirty bike fee. Hourly fees are $75 for fees. 








Adjust Brake/ Install Pad $10 Adjust Shifter/ Der Front $15
Adjust Brake/ Install Disc Pad $20 Adjust Shifter/ Der Rear $10
Bleed Brake/ Clean Pistons $40 Jammed Shifter Revival $15
Overhaul Brake Caliper/Lever $60 Install Shifter (each) $15-$25
Install Brake $15 Install Cable (each) $5
Install Disc Brake $40 Install Cable and Housing (per set) $10
Install Rotor $5 Install Front Derailleur $25
Install Cable (per cable) $5 Install Rear Derailleur $20
Install Cable & Housing (per set) $10 Overhaul Shifter $50
Install Internal Cable $25
True Disc Rotor $15
Install Brake: Drop Bars $45
Install Brake: Flat Bars $20




Tune Drive Train $25 True Wheel $15-$30
Tune & Clean Drive Train $50 Install Spoke $5
Adjust Bottom Bracket $15 Build Wheel $65
Overhaul Adjustable Bottom Bracket $25 Surcharge Wheel Build: Unconventional Wheel  Varies
Install Bottom Bracket $25-$50 Install Tire, Tube or Rim Strip.  $10
Face and Chase B.B. Threads $40 Sealant Refill $5
Install Crank $25 Set Up Tubless System per Wheel  $25
Install Chainring $15-$30 Install Rear Wheel/Swap Cassette $10
Install Chain $8 Adjust Hub $10
Install Cassette $10 Overhaul Hub Hourly
Instal Pedals $8 Install Spoke (each) $5
Overhaul/Rebuild Pedals (each) $20 Build Wheel- Mountain or Road $65
Install Bearings in  Bottom Bracket $25-$50 Wheel Build Surcharge - Non-conventional $50
Install Chain Guild System $60
All in house wheel builds include follow up re-tensioning free of charge.




Clean Bike (Dirty Bike Surcharge $20 Adjust headset $8
Assemble Bike from Shipping (pre-built) Hourly Overhaul headset $30
New Box Build MTN/Road (from Manufacturer) Hourly Install Headset on bike $15
Box Bike $60 Install Headset on bare frame $10
UPS Handling Fee $10 Install Stem $15-$25
Install Fork $40
Install Fork & Headset $45
Install Fork & Headset (w/ facing) $50
Face Headtube $25
Thread Steer Tube (per inch) $18
Cut Steer Tube $5
Install gyro headset $45
Install Grips $8
Install Bar-ends $5
Cut MTN Bars $15
Install handlebar MTN $20
Install handlebar ROAD (with tape) $40
    Install bar tape $15
    Install clip-on Aero Bars $25


Fork Overhaul and Rebuild $75
Fork Busing Replacement $45
Surcharge Fork Seal Replacement $25
Surcharge Shock oil (one fork) $10
Surcharge Overhaul Damper or Fox Talas $35
Overhaul Rear Shock $50
    Install Rear Shock $20
    Install DU bushing (each) $10


  Overhaul Full Suspension Frame (per Bearing/ Bushing) $20
 Install baby carrier $25    
Install computer $15    
Install standard cadence computer $25


Install Saddle $10 Bike Storage (per day) $5
Install Rear rack $15 Dirty Bike Fee $20
Install Training Wheels $10 Surcharge Shop Supplies (Lube etc.) $5
Install Fenders $15 Insurance Estimate, Refund with Repair $20+
Install Powermeter $25
Install Smart Trainer Parts $25


Chase/ Tap Water Bottle Bosses $8    
Install Water Bottle Riv-nuts $30    
Align dropouts $10    
Adjust/ Align/ Install Der Hanger $15    
Repair Der Hanger w/ Drop-out saver $30    
Deburr seat tube w/ flexhone $8