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Custom Wheels & Bikes

Because you're looking for a professionally built custom wheelset or bicycle you've come to the right place. Flat Tire Co. was founded on the love of cycling and the obsession of killer wheels and sick bikes! Its a fact that custom wheels make you faster, more confident and a better overall cyclist. We have the means to get you anything from a custom built bicycle frame to a standard tubless wheel set.

We  channel our passion into every wheelset we build.  We have a no-nonsense approach to building wheels that will make you and your wallet happy. We fuse your wants, needs and desires into a single package that will leave you stoked every time you ride.

Custom building Mountain, Fatbike and Road wheels for happy customers throughout the USA and Canada.

Some riders have a pretty good idea of how they want their custom wheels or bicycle built. Other riders are not really sure where to start. Because of this, we would ask you to look through the following questions carefully and  fill out the provided spaces to the best of your ability. 

Once submitted, we'll contact you as soon as possible with our recommendations and quotes for a wheelset custom built for you or a custom bicycle. 

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What part of the country do you live? What is the terrain like where you ride and what type of weather do you typically ride in?
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Briefly describe what type of riding these wheels are likely to encounter.
If wheel set only, what bike will your new wheel set go on?
What is the brand and model of bike you are riding? Is it a Road, Mountain or mountain bike. Hard tail, full suspension, rigid? Geared or Singlespeed?
Total Rider Weight?*
How much do you weigh when you are fully dressed ready to ride. This will include any backpack or hydration pack you will be wearing.
Skill Level?*
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How long do your wheels typically last? Have you ever had custom wheels before?*
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Are you interested in 10 speed 1x conversion parts? *
We are dealers for multiple chain rings, 40 and 42 tooth cassette cogs, and parts to convert your 10 speed drivetrain into a 1x system. We offer components from OneUp, Wolftooth, and Blackspire.
Would you like new tires on your new wheel set?*
We offer bundled deals for tires if you want to purchase them the same time as your wheelset. We offer Maxxis, WTB, Schwalbe, Panaracer, Kenda, etc. Let us know what your thinking.
Can we help with anything else?*
Along with new wheels, are there other components you would like to pair with your purchase? Tires, cassette, shifters, 1x options, forks, Dropper Seatpost, etc?

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