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Repair Options

Repair Options

Bicycles may be checked in on an a la carte basis or with our Standard Tune Package. Additional services may be added on to our Standard Tune-Up package from our Repair Pricing List below. Our mechanics offer professional service with over 20 years of experience in the industry.

Standard Tune-Up: $60.00

Service includes:

  • Brake adjustment
  • Shifter and derailleur adjustment
  • Wheel inspection - wheel truing is an additional fee. 
  • Tire pressure adjustment
  • Lube cable and housing for brakes and derailleur
  • Security and function check/fix for all accessories, i.e. computer, water bottle cages

Shop supply and additional labor charges may apply.

Individual Service Prices & Add-On's

All repairs are subject to a $20 dirty bike fee. Hourly fees are $75. 








Adjust Brake/ Install Pad $10 Adjust Shifter/ Der Front $15
Adjust Brake/ Install Disc Pad $20 Adjust Shifter/ Der Rear $10
Bleed Brake/ Clean Pistons $40 Jammed Shifter Revival $15
Overhaul Brake Caliper/Lever $60 Install Shifter (each) $15-$25
Install Brake $15 Install Cable (each) $5
Install Disc Brake $40 Install Cable and Housing (per set) $10
Install Rotor $5 Install Front Derailleur $25
Install Cable (per cable) $5 Install Rear Derailleur $20
Install Cable & Housing (per set) $10 Overhaul Shifter $50
Install Internal Cable $25
True Disc Rotor $15
Install Brake: Drop Bars $45
Install Brake: Flat Bars $20




Tune Drive Train $25 True Wheel $15-$30
Tune & Clean Drive Train $50 Install Spoke $5
Adjust Bottom Bracket $15 Build Wheel $65
Overhaul Adjustable Bottom Bracket $25 Surcharge Wheel Build: Unconventional Wheel  Varies
Install Bottom Bracket $25-$50 Install Tire, Tube or Rim Strip.  $10
Face and Chase B.B. Threads $40 Sealant Refill $5
Install Crank $25 Set Up Tubeless System per Wheel  $25
Install Chainring $15-$30 Install Rear Wheel/Swap Cassette $10
Install Chain $8 Adjust Hub $10
Install Cassette $10 Overhaul Hub Hourly
Instal Pedals $8 Install Spoke (each) $5
Overhaul/Rebuild Pedals (each) $20 Build Wheel- Mountain or Road $65
Install Bearings in  Bottom Bracket $25-$50 Wheel Build Surcharge - Non-conventional $50
Install Chain Guild System $60
All in-house wheel builds include follow up re-tensioning free of charge.




Clean Bike (Dirty Bike Surcharge $20 Adjust headset $8
Assemble Bike from Shipping (pre-built) Hourly Overhaul headset $30
New Box Build MTN/Road (from Manufacturer) Hourly Install Headset on bike $15
Box Bike $60 Install Headset on bare frame $10
UPS Handling Fee $10 Install Stem $15-$25
Install Fork $40
Install Fork & Headset $45
Install Fork & Headset (w/ facing) $50
Face Headtube $25
Thread Steer Tube (per inch) $18
Cut Steer Tube $5
Install gyro headset $45
Install Grips $8
Install Bar-ends $5
Cut MTN Bars $15
Install handlebar MTN $20
Install handlebar ROAD (with tape) $40
    Install bar tape $15
    Install clip-on Aero Bars $25


Fork Overhaul and Rebuild $75
Fork Busing Replacement $45
Surcharge Fork Seal Replacement $25
Surcharge Shock oil (one fork) $10
Surcharge Overhaul Damper or Fox Talas $35
Overhaul Rear Shock $50
    Install Rear Shock $20
    Install DU bushing (each) $10


  Overhaul Full Suspension Frame (per Bearing/ Bushing) $20
 Install baby carrier $25    
Install computer $15    
Install standard cadence computer $25


Install Saddle $10 Bike Storage (per day) $5
Install Rear rack $15 Dirty Bike Fee $20
Install Training Wheels $10 Surcharge Shop Supplies (Lube etc.) $5
Install Fenders $15 Insurance Estimate, Refund with Repair $20+
Install Powermeter $25
Install Smart Trainer Parts $25


Chase/ Tap Water Bottle Bosses $8    
Install Water Bottle Riv-nuts $30    
Align dropouts $10    
Adjust/ Align/ Install Der Hanger $15    
Repair Der Hanger w/ Drop-out saver $30    
Deburr seat tube w/ flexhone $8