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Thursday - Group Road


Team FTC leads group road rides from the shop on Thursdays at 6:00pm. Folks start gathering around 5:30pm and we try to leave by 6:00pm. We often split into an A group and a B group. A group will average 15mph or higher. B group will average 15mph or less.

We do not plan our routes ahead of time, but we do try to take folks in a different direction every week. Our ride leaders very knowldgeable of the area and its roads. Please take time to listen to them and ride your bike safley in traffic while we are togeher.

These rides are NO DROP.

A Group Leader: Andrew Orischack  

B Group Leader: Ashley Reefer 

Leaders may vary, all leaders will be part of the Flat Tire Co. Cycling Team.

Location: 212 East Pittsburgh Street, Greensburg Pa. 15601