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Thursday - Group Road

No Drop

Load up your road or gravel bike and join us for Group Road Ride on Thursdays April through September. We will split into multiple groups. Choose our A GROUP if you have the ability to average 15-17 mph. Choose our B GROUP if you are not concerned about speed and are more in it to bullshit at a casual pace, these rides average anywhere from 11-15 mph depending who shows up.


Rides will start at the shop parking lot. Riders will start gathering at 5:30pm, we will try to leave by 6:00pm. The route will vary from week to week. We will poll the group to see how everyone is feeling. A Group typically goes on a longer more challenging route. B Group we can decide what everyone is into.

Demo A Bicycle

Group road rides are the perfect time to try out many of the road, gravel, and touring bikes we have to offer. Give us a call if you are interested in trying something. A Flat Tire staff member will assit you in getting the bike set up. Ride before you buy!


For more information regarding these rides please follow us on social media. Links to these pages may be found in our footer. Rides will take place as long as the weather is  If you would like to confirm if a ride is happening simply call the shop at 724-691-066 or check the Flat Tire Co. Facebook Page.