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Service Your Suspension

Ah yes, the fork and rear shock long overdue of service. We crack open the top cap and a face-puckering smell is released as oil mixed with mud, silt, water, and other soot creates a yucky sludge. If the customer is around to see our face while doing it they quickly realize sooner would have been better than waiting. The recommendation that you service your fork regularly isn't a ploy to separate you from your hard earned dollars or your bike. It's simply a way to extend the lifespan of its internals, which in the long run will prevent you from shelling out even more money to replace parts that break or wear out due to neglect. Is it mandatory that you stop everything and rush straight to the bike shop when the 50 hour mark rolls around? Nope, but it shouldn't be ignored completely either.


We understand the hardest part might be remembering, especially since many of the high end suspension forks can realistically survive well past their recommended service intervals without even a seep of oil. Our cars have odometers to remind us to get to the mechanic, with bike service intervals measured in ride hours, it simply comes down to an educated guess or using your fancy new age technology like Strava or Garmin.

On modern, cartridge style suspension forks, most manufacturers recommend at least changing the lubrication oil every 50 hours. This will set you back around $100 at our shop. This can also be done in the comfort of your own home if you are feeling frisky, possess the willingness to try and the proper tools. In any case this is a fraction of the price of a new fork!

A full, more extensive damper overhaul should theoretically be done once a year. Living in Western Pennsylvania we experience some off months for mountain biking with the wet, so now is a prime to to get this done. The cool thing is if you do opt to send it into an official service center such as FOX they include many of the damper upgrades, seals, and other parts free of charge, or at a discount in comparison to aftermarket purchasing. This is one of the most expensive parts of maintaining a full suspension. It can get especially expensive if you get into upgrading dampers, kashima coating, having PUSH put in, or other fancy new age things.


On average for a Fox Factory service you will be looking at up to $200 for a fork and up to $250 for a rear shock. This includes service parts, cartridge rebuild, dust wipers, and seal kits. When you look at the big picture annually after railing on your bike all year… it’s not that bad. A little preventative maintenance goes a long way, and with high end forks and rear shocks hovering up to $1000, service is a fraction of that, an oil change is a worthwhile investment!

Service estimates are always free, stop by today or give us a call at 724-691-0966. Hope to see you soon!

Ashley Reefer