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What To Carry On A Long Ride

What is in your fanny or pack to get you through a full day of cycling? Here is our list of favorite items for out on the trail. We’ve trail tested this set up and all of these things will fit in your fanny. Mention this article at shop and save 15% on any of the items below at check out.


Flat Repair

  • 2 CO2 cartridges.

  • CO2 inflation head.

  • Dynaplug Racer tire plug kit.

  • 2 oz bottle of Stan’s.

  • Spare tube.


  • Multi tool with chain breaker.

  • Mini master link pliers.


  • Spare set of brake pads.

  • Master link.

  • Extra derailleur hanger.


  • Snacks: bars, gels, baked potato, whatever your into.

  • Salt tabs.

  • Mini drink mix packets such as Scratch.

Wet Condition Ad On’s

  • Spare gloves.

  • Rain jacket.

If you want to get fancy, pick up a Backcountry Research Strap to keep your co2 and tube directly mounted to your bike, this will cut down on weight and space in your bag. Happy spring, get out and ride!

Ashley Reefer