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Summer Sale is Here!

The time is now to buy a bicycle, new model years will be coming out in the next few months. Help us clean off our sales floor to make room for 2020’s. We’re pumped to see you come in our doors and would like to help you find the perfect ride for your style. We stock brands we trust and bikes we ride. All bikes include a tune up, bike fit, and discounts on add ons.


Earn a 10% rebate on any in stock bikes full ticket. Reedem the funds in form of shop credit or directly towards your bike purchase. Use the shop credit for upgrades, service, accessories, and so much more. Save 6% and freight on any special orders. THESE THREE DAYS ONLY. Prices will not stay, we will revert back to sticker. Help us make some room for new toys! Hit us up with questions via DM, email info@flattire.co or call the shop at 724-691-0966.

Please visit our brand sites for more detailed information on bike specs. Find a list of our staff picks from the floor. Stop by to see our full line up and inventory!!


Pound the pavement, gravel roads, and rail trail with these fine choices!


  • Rove 52cm- mint green: $765 SALE PRICE

  • Libre 49cm- sparkly purple (fits like 54cm, wonky sizing): $2700 SALE PRICE

  • Rove NRB DL 52cm, 54cm: $2070 SALE PRICE

  • Kona Rove ST 50cm, 52cm, 56cm: $1200 SALE PRICE

  • Kona Super Jake 58cm: $3600 SALE PRICE


  • Journeyman Flat Bar S: $720 SALE PRICE

  • Journeyman Apex 52cm, 54cm: $1350 SALE PRICE

  • Warbird Tiagra 56cm, 52cm, 49cm: $2160 SALE PRICE

  • Warbird Apex 56cm, 52cm: $2430 SALE PRICE

  • Warbird Force 650 54.5cm: $3960 SALE PRICE

  • Fargo Tiagra M: $1800 SALE PRICE

  • Fargo Ti Frameset M: $2520 SALE PRICE

  • Cutthroat Force S: $4230 SALE PRICE


  • Stigmata Rival CC 56cm: $3250 SALE PRICE


  • Speedster Disc 10 S: $1350 SALE PRICE



We’re into it. We’ve got some great deals on demo mountain bikes, a large selection of hardtails, and full suspension bikes. Stop by and check us out!

Kona Bikes

  • Kona Lava Dome S, M: $720 SALE PRICE

  • DEMO Kona Mahuna S, XL: $899 SALE PRICE

  • DEMO Kona Process CR DL 29, L: $5,000 SALE PRICE

  • DEMO Kona Process CR DL 275, M: $3,500 SALE PRICE

  • Kona Honzo, L: $1350 SALE PRICE

  • Kona Honzo DL, L: $1800 SALE PRICE

Scott Bikes

  • DEMO Scott Spark 900, M: $2,500 SALE PRICE

  • DEMO Scott Ransom, L: $3,000 SALE PRICE

  • DEMO Scott Voltage 740, S: $1,200 SALE PRICE

  • DEMO Scott Genius 710, XL: $2500 SALE PRICE

  • Genius 910: M, L: $4860 SALE PRICE

  • Ransom 910: L, XL: $4770 SALE PRICE

Santa Cruz

  • DEMO Hightower C/S, M: $3,899 SALE PRICE

  • Demo Megatower C/S, L: $4860 SALE PRICE

  • Demo Megatower C/R, M: $4,000 SALE PRICE

  • DEMO Nomad A/S Kit: $3,000 SALE PRICE

Salsa Cycles

  • DEMO Spearfish Carbon NX Eagle, S: $3,500 SALE PRICE

  • DEMO Rustler Carbon GX Eagle, M: $4,000 SALE PRICE

  • Timberjack Deore: L, XL: $1099 SALE PRICE

  • Timberjack SLX: S,M,L: $1,399 SALE PRICE


We have all types of bikes at the shop, feel free to call or stop by to check out our full list of inventory. There are a handful of hybrid and comfort models in addition to what is listed above. Hope to see you soon!

Email: info@flattire.co

Phone: 724-691-0966

Ashley Reefer