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We’ve been doing custom build outs from the ground up since 2015. Anything from a basic single speed to a full carbon or titanium mountain or gravel bike. Our staff possesses the training and knowledge to set you up for success. Building out a bike is one of the funnest projects we can do with a client, so hit us up today! We’re happy to help you get a custom budget together, estimates are always free.


  • Surly Karate Monkey - Porta Potty Blue, Medium - $675 (Frame and Fork)

  • Salsa Titanium Fargo - Silver, Medium - $2,499 (Frame and Carbon Fork)

  • Salsa Mukluk Carbon Fat Bike Frame - Blue/Black, Medium - $650 (Carbon Frame and Carbon Fork) USED

  • Salsa Timberjack Aluminum Frame - Black - Medium, Large - $449

  • Salsa Timberjack Titanium Frame - Silver - Medium, Large - $2,499

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