Flat Tire Co. Bike Shop

Mountain Bike Instruction

Our staff offers private lessons, clinics, group, and youth mountain bike instruction. Call to book an appointment today.


Flat Tire Co. has three instructors on staff. Ashley, David, and Justin have been riding bikes for over 50 combined years and have backgrounds and degrees in exercise science, coaching, and working with children. Our team specializes in helping adult and youth riders improve their confidence, skills, and love for mountain biking. With a background in technical riding we are able to offer specialty clinics and private lessons for advanced level riders at local bike parks. We are excited to share more about this program soon!



2-3 hours ($50/hr)

4-6 hours ($40/hr)

*each additional person is only $25/hr


Clinics focus on a specific skill and will give you the tools needed to master the skill for more fun and confidence on trail. Clinics are limited to 12 students with a 6 : 1 student coach ratio, call to set one up today!

RATE: $30 per person


Invest in yourself!

We offer long-term coaching for individuals looking to improve their riding in a deep and dynamic way. If you have the time and commitment, you will see dramatic change in your riding, increased fluidity, and will require less energy output.

RATE: Six, 4-Hour Session Package: $100/session, $600 for package.


They won't listen to you... but they will listen to us! Want to be able to shred the gnar with your kids?! We offer up to 4 hour sessions. You will be amazed at their increased confidence and skill level. All kids must arrive prepared with appropriate attire, food, water, and functional bikes/safety equipment. If you aren’t sure about what that means, just give us a holler and we will help you out.


1 Kiddo=$50/hr

2 Kiddos=$40/hr each

3 Kiddos=$30/hr each

4 kiddos=$25/hr each