Flat Tire Co. Bike Shop


Our mechanical staff has been around the block. We have a lot of experience riding and working on bikes. The Flat Tire service team can do everything from change your flat to rebuild your whole bicycle. Our service department aims to offer the best mechanical help in our area. We’re thankful to have you walk in our shop and will be more than happy to answer questions.



Flat Tire Co. aims to offer quality repair and maintenance for anyone who walks through our doors. From changing a flat tire to rebuilding your whole bike, we have the experience, knowledge, and training to serve you. For service quotes and lead times, simply contact us. We want to get your bike back to you as quickly as possible!

Any parts required to properly service a bike will incur additional cost. Labor to install these parts is not included with tune-ups. You will be notified before proceeding with installation of any parts not included with an original quote.

No appointment needed, estimates are always free. Stop by, email info@flattire.co (not .com), or call 724-691-0966 to schedule service today.



SAFETY CHECK $40 - This service is for those who are just looking to make sure their bike is good to go for their next big ride. We will make sure everything is lubricated, adjusted, and all bolts are proper torque.

STANDARD TUNE $60 - This service includes lubrication, cleaning, adjustment of shifters, brakes, minor truing/tensioning of wheels, and checking all bolts for proper torque.

ADVANCED TUNE $75 ——————> MENTION THIS POST SAVE $10, ADVANCED TUNE ONLY $65! This service includes everything from our standard tune plus cleaning of components in our industrial parts washer.

OVERHAULS - Intended for bikes that require special attention to their drive train, wheels, crank bearings, suspension service, brake bleeds, pivot bearing service, etc. Typically overhauls call for two to three hours of labor depending on the depth of the project.


Each repair include a free 30 day follow up adjustment. Our goal is to do the best we can to serve you. Repairs start at $10, no problem too big or small.