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E-Bike Service

Flat Tire Co. offers service to any e-bike. We are experienced with both Shimano and Bosch drive units. It's an ever changing industry! Our location is a certified Bosch and Shimano Service Center. We stay up with annual training and have been carrying e-bikes since 2015. Stop by for a complimentary software update and say hello. 

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E-bike work is hourly due to various type of bikes. Hub driven e-bikes typically take more time than mid drive bikes to work on.

Shifter & Derailleur Adjustment

Brake Adjustment 

Wheel Truing

Greasing of Ports

Battery Trouble Shooting



We Assemble Any E-Bike

Did you order a bike online?

Bring it down.

We're your local service center.



Something you probably don't even know you need. 

It's an ever changing industry. Drive unit software updates are happening constantly. Let us make sure your up to date.